You’ve been PK’d!

Kindness Movement

Since 2012

You’ve been PK’d!

Kindness Movement

Since 2012

You’ve been PK’d!

Kindness Movement

Since 2012

If we change our habits, we can change the world into a more compassionate and peaceful place to live.

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Creating a kindness-aware community, that values generosity, action, and kindness towards others.

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Consider following our lead and practicing random acts of kindness in your area to make the world a better place.

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Kindness Movement Since 2012

Practice Kindness is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created by Dale Lovett in 2012. Practice Kindness, at its core, is a kindness movement with a focus on spreading awareness and increasing engagement in kind actions.
This is a community website where people can engage, donate, and directly see the benefits of each donation. At PK, we spread the word of kindness through our website, social media, and entertaining videos to inspire the community with resources and tools to continue to pass on the message of kindness.
The PK crew is always looking for unsuspecting people to inspire with random acts of kindness.

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Throwback: PK Gas Day

Random Act Of Kindness #29

We got $1,000 donated to go out and give away to random people! We went out and had some serious fun handing people cash!

What an impact we’ve witnessed with these selfless acts on both ends of the spectrum. Not only do the recipients get a gift, but so do we! Watch and enjoy it.

Facts About Us

Practice Kindness (PK) is  an all-volunteer organization that takes the notion of extending kindness to another level. We do this by capitalizing on random moments that illustrate how a simple gesture of kindness can inspire others to pay forward the goodwill they received. There is no how-to manual or list of directions for ways to share this message. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a smile for someone who hasn’t had much to smile about recently. We never know what others are experiencing or have experienced. An act of kindness has the power to continue to roll from person to person and positively change how we all coexist. PKers believe that demonstrating the mission through a big splash isn’t as important as the ripples created by one person.

PK receives nearly 10 requests each day from people seeking financial assistance for their cause. We respect and empathize with those who reach out to us, but PK’s main mission of raising awareness to kindness is not based on financial need. There are many other groups out there that provide those services. And while it may appear to be unkind to not help other charities or individuals with financial resources, PK not a foundation that provides grants or donations to other charitable organizations.

PK is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, meaning your gift to PK is completely tax deductible. One hundred percent of our donations are used to further our message of “raising the awareness of kindness through random acts that inspire others.” The money we raise is often used in creative and unconventional methods that are sometimes shocking or surprising. Check out the videos on this website to see how PKers spread the wave of kindness throughout the year and especially, during the holidays. PK is all-volunteer and we employ no paid staff. Therefore, we are able to turn your financial kindness to us into kindness for others.

We receive a lot of requests to kickstart a PK group in another state or country. WE LOVE THIS IDEA! But we run PK on a part-time basis (yes, we all have day jobs!)  and do not have the means or time yet to set this up. It will come. We welcome and encourage you to use our cards, stickers, shirts and hoodies for your own acts of kindness as you spread the PK message, but they’re not required.

We will happily supply you with three PK cards and one window sticker free of charge. Larger quantities require a donation of any amount. If you would like to order PK T-shirts and hoodies, please visit, We will ship PK gear outside the United States, but due to outrageous shipping costs, we require a monetary donation of any size. Please be advised, however, that PK is a brand name. We do not authorize the copy or reprinting of the PK name by anyone for any reason.

We get asked this question a lot and it’s exciting for us to see that the PK buzz is catching on. But it’s a tough one to satisfy because the requests are in abundance. We’re always looking for new ways to spread kindness and welcome your ideas! Make them unconventional and send us an email.

Our Goals And Expertise

The biggest way to make an impact with a mission is to inspire others by illustrating the mission. To do that, we love to share what we do on the biggest platform there is — the Internet. The more people we reach, the faster we can spread the message of practicing kindness and change our world.

We invite you join us in our quest to inspire others by helping us reach our goals through social media and donations. Increasing our YouTube subscribers is our No. 1 priority, because it allows us to take the PK message global. We invite you to begin your PK quest by subscribing today!

Currently: 21,700 subscribers
Goal: 25,000 subscribers

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Currently: 14,813 followers
Goal: 25,000 followers

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Dale is Mr. Founder and president - the brains and motivator behind our madness of the kindness movement. Dale: Mr. Founder and president; the brains and motivator behind our madness.

Jason - executive director - our 24/7 thinker, whos creative and dedicated to our kindness mission. Jason: executive director; our 24/7 thinker, who’s creative and dedicated to our mission.

AK - secretary, our level-headed organizer, who keeps us safe and in line. “AK”: secretary; our level-headed organizer, who also keeps us safe and in line.

Tabitha - Mrs. Founder and board member of our kindness movement. Big hearted, compassionate and forever keeping us focused. Tabitha: Mrs. Founder and board member; big-hearted, compassionate and forever keeping us focused.

Anne, board member, chief word-smith, who translates Mr. Founder's thoughts. AKA Annitude. Anne: board member; chief word-smith, who translates Mr. Founder’s thoughts; aka “Annitude.”

PK is blessed and fortunate to be surrounded by an army of volunteers, who perpetuate the practice kindness movement in their own way every day. They are the true ambassadors for PK and continually inspire us.

PK is a nonprofit organization committed to raising the awareness of kindness through random acts that inspire others.

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