About Us

Kindness Movement Since 2013 - Practice Kindness

Learn more about us and our website and the PK mission. Practice Kindness is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by Dale Lovett in 2012. Practice Kindness at its core is a kindness movement with its focus on spreading awareness and increasing engagement in kind actions.

This is a community website where people can engage, donate and directly see the benefits of each donation. At PK we spread the word of kindness through our website, social media, and entertainment to inspire the community and educate them with resources and leave them with tools to continue to pass on our message of kindness.

This is not a place for bragging, but a place to inspire and be inspired. We all have room to step up our kindness another notch no matter where we currently are at. Feel free to share a story now and then. We all love hearing them 🙂

The PK Crew is always looking for unsuspecting people to inspire with random acts of kindness.