Random Act of Kindness #27 | 2013 Finale



After 26 days of buying peoples groceries and Christmas gifts, 2013 came to a conclusion as we hid $3,000 at random Fred Meyer stores! Thank you to everyone that donated to our cause!

Random Act of Kindness #26 | Man Cries from Joy



Watch as a grateful recipient cries when he realizes the random act of kindness by the PK team! Comment how you would pay it forward!

Random Act of Kindness #25 | Happiness Tears



The Practice Kindness team encountered thankful recipients who got their groceries paid for! Comment below how you would pay it forward!

Random Act of Kindness #24 | Shopping Surprise



We set out to surprise random people and pay for their groceries! How would you pay it forward if this happened to you?

Random Act of Kindness #23 | Holiday Shopping Surprise



Today we went out and paid for random people’s groceries. Watch as the recipients are overwhelmed with kindness!