Random Act of Kindness #16 | Shocking Holiday Shoppers


Today the PK team heads out to buy random people’s groceries and spread the holiday cheer.

Random Act of Kindness #14 | Grocery Surprise


Practice Kindness team invades Old Navy! Watch as they surprise random people with kindness!

Random Act of Kindness #13 | Holiday Giving


Today we set out to spread the Christmas cheer by purchasing random people’s groceries and presents. Watch as a simple gesture goes a long way!

Random Act of Kindness #12 | Paying It Forward


Watch as the Practice Kindness team buys unsuspecting people’s groceries! Spread the holiday cheer and pay it forward!

Random Act of Kindness #11 | Buying People’s Groceries


Today at Toys R Us, we surprised people by buying their holiday presents! Pass the kindness along!