Random Act of Kindness #5 | Kids Pay for Groceries


Out paying for people’s groceries and presents today! A little kindness can go a long way!

Random Act of Kindness #4 | Holiday Buying


Today we paid for random people’s groceries and Christmas presents! What we got back from the recipients was pure joy.

Random Act of Kindness #3 | Shoppers Get a Surprise


Out again paying for random people’s groceries! The kids picked out Teresea and she was delighted! Kindness comes in many forms.

Random Act of Kindness #2 | Holiday Giveaway


Today we took some kids to the store and waited for them to pick out some unsuspecting people to pay for their groceries! Not only do the recipients get a gift, but so do we! What a random act of kindness!

Random Act of Kindness #1 | Buying People’s Groceries


Today we went out and paid for Christmas presents and groceries for random people! What an impact we’ve witnessed with this selfless act on both ends of the spectrum.