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      Adam Doudadmin


      Please share your run-in with our PK Team. Were you taken by surprise? What was the location and date of your run-in with our team?

      The only thing that we ask of you is if you would consider paying the kindness that you received forward in some way?
      When paying forward a random act of kindness keep in mind that it does not have to be a monetary act.  You could help an elderly person cross the street, bring sack lunches to the homeless, give a compliment or say a kind word to a stranger.

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      Tami OBrienTami OBrien

      You caught us tonight 12/7 at Clackamas Fred Meyers. What a wonderful experience and teaching the kiddos to enjoy giving is such a fantastic life learning experience. I’ve never heard of your organization until tonight. What a surprise, you made our week! I will be happy to return the favor by hitting the donate button to keep spreading kindness. Thank you so much, it was a great surprise and so much fun for Jordyn and I. Happy Holidays

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